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Cosmetics Technology and Engineering

The major aims to cultivate technical talents in the cosmetics field. Students will not only learn the basic theories, process principles and engineering techniques in cosmetics, but will also be trained in marketing management skills and artistic appreciation to become innovative high-level application-oriented technical talents with core competence in cosmetics formula development as well as abilities in quality control, engineering technology and production management. Graduates will be qualified for jobs such as quality control, product research and development, efficacy evaluation, production management and marketing in the cosmetics industry.

Main Courses: Skin Medicine and Beauty; Principle of Cosmetics; Colloid and Surface Chemistry; Cosmetics Microbiology; Cosmetics Rheology; Cosmetics Raw Materials; Natural Chemical Composition of Cosmetics; Cosmetics Technology; Cosmetics  Analysis and Quality Control; Action Principle of Surfactants; Basic and Application of Daily Perfume; Cosmetics Safety and Function Valuation; Modern Biotechnology in Cosmetics; Regulations Cosmetics and Seminar; Foundations of Cosmetics Factory and Equipment; Professional English of Cosmetics Technology and Engineering; Elective Courses Module