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International School of Cosmetics of Shanghai Institute of Technology is the first platform college for cosmetics in China. With cooperation and support from China's cosmetics industry leader “Oriental Beauty Valley”, International School of Cosmetics has formed a multidisciplinary international cosmetics discipline with Chinese features. The discipline system includes three majors: cosmetics technology and engineering, cosmetics marketing management, cosmetics art design. The academy adopts a one body two wings education model, that is, the cosmetics discipline as the body and art design and marketing management as the two wings; the cosmetics discipline platform as the body and the internationalization and industrialization as the two wings. It strives to cultivate advanced interdisciplinary talents with professional expertise, aesthetic taste and communication skills in the cosmetics field through the introduction of world-class educational resources and the development of a training and research platform that integrates production and education, so as to provide intellectual support for the development of Shanghai's beauty and health industry and to make Shanghai the capital of design, fashion and brand.